26 Kashmiris cross to other sides of LoC, 5 guests from PaK arrive

26 Kashmiris cross to other sides of LoC, 5 guests from PaK arrive


Srinagar, Dec 4: Five fresh guests from Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK) arrived here while the highest number this year of 26 Kashmiris crossed over to the other side of the Line of Control (LoC) in the weekly Karvan-e-Aman bus, operating between Srinagar and Muzaffarabad.

The number of guests coming here from PaK goes down during winter months while it increases during summer when weather is pleasant in Kashmir. On the contrary, the number of people going to PaK in the peace bus goes down in summer and increases in winter.

Eight returnees also crossed sides at the Kaman Post, in Uri sector, official sources said on Monday afternoon.

They said highest number of 26 Kashmiris, including 12 women and five children, this year crossed over to the other side of LoC in the weekly bus.

Two PaK residents, who had arrived in previous buses to meet their relatives, returned to their homes after completing their stay here, they added.

They said five residents of PaK arrived at Kaman Post, after crossing the Aman Setu, peace bridge, on foot to meet their relatives, separated in 1947 due to partition. They included two women.

Meanwhile, six Kashmiris, including three women, who had gone to PaK in previous buses, also returned after completing their stay there.

The peace bus service operated despite repeated attempts being made by militants to sneak into this side from PaK before the higher reaches are closed due to snowfall.

The bus service, introduced as one of the major Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) between India and Pakistan on April 7, 2005, has helped thousands of families divided in 1947 to meet each other.