Driving licenses under scanner

The Traffic Police in Kashmir seems to have woken up after remaining in deep slumber. The decision to suspend the driving license of the drivers who are caught using mobile phones behind the wheel is a welcome step.
If the decision is implemented in letter and spirit it would help in reducing the number of accidents taking place on the Srinagar roads. Acting against the violators can make the Kashmir roads safe to some extent. One hopes this decision doesn’t remain confined to papers only and it sees the light of the day and this doesn’t become a pretext for the traffic cops to harass the people.
The alarming increase in the number of road accidents in the Valley has become a cause of concern for one and all. Everyone wants that ways and means should be devised to check these accidents.
Drivers using mobile phones seems to have become a fashion. In absence of traffic cops on the Valley roads it becomes easy for the violators to break the laws. The authorities argue that they cannot put the traffic cops at every nook and corner of the Valley to regulate the traffic and catch the violators. One can understand that traffic police has manpower constraints but it can at least put its men at the places which are accident prone and are congested. This can help in reducing the chances of accidents and mishaps.
Just issuing an order to suspend the driving licenses won’t help anyone’s cause till the violators are caught and are taught a lesson. Suspending the licenses and creating awareness about the ill effects of using mobile phones while driving could go a long way in developing safe driving sense among the people. We need to join hands to make our roads safe.