Compensate victims of agitations

Supreme Court has expressed serious concern over the loss of lives and damage to public property during agitations and has asked the Government of India (GoI) to create courts in every state and union territory to fix accountability for vandalism and compensate the victims of such violent protests.
No one can deny the fact that whenever any agitation takes place the common people are worst sufferers and they have to face the brunt. They become the victims of the mob fury and even the action of the security forces. These agitations end on a violent note making a common man suffer.
Constitution grants the right to protest but with a rider that these protests have to be peaceful. It’s unfortunate that the victims, who get caught in this mindless violence, are neither compensated nor provided any relief. They are left to fend for themselves.
“These agitations, which result in damage to life and properties, are now happening very often. If it is to be dealt by High Court or Supreme Court, then it will become very difficult. There should be some forum where people can go and seek remedy as per law,” the bench said.
The suggestions put forth by the Apex Court are worth giving a thought. No civilized society can tolerate vandalism and targeting innocents who get caught in the melee. Reforms have to be brought to end the anarchy on the name of agitations and the strikes. Ball is in the court of the government as it would have to bring a law to act tough against the people who target innocents. On the other hand government should pay attention towards the measures and steps which are taken to control these agitations. The government forces also cross the line while handling these protests. They also need to be told that lines cannot be crossed on the name of maintaining life and order.