Can’t avoid Aadhaar

Centre expressing its willingness to extend Aadhaar deadlines to March 31 could come as a respite for many people in Kashmir, who are yet to get their Aadhar cards due to one or other reason.
The Supreme Court has told the Centre that it would hear a batch of petitions challenging mandatory linking of Aadhaar for granting various services to citizen after its constitution bench concludes hearing in the Delhi-Centre dispute.
The extension of deadline can help lot of people at least in Kashmir to get their Aadhaar cards, which they have not got due to one or other reason.
The Jammu and Kashmir government should take a note about Aadhaar cards becoming the lifeline for the people and it needs to expedite the process of issuing these cards to leftover people.
The outside agencies which were assigned this job have almost winded up their operations in the state and people who are without Aadhaar cards could get a chance to get enrolled and get this unique identification number which has to be linked with bank accounts, mobile numbers and what not.
The government needs to fix designated spots for issuing Aadhaar cards so that people don’t have to run from one place to another to get themselves enrolled. Another problem which people are facing with Aadhaar cards is that their particulars have not been mentioned correctly. These mistakes have to be rectified as Aadhaar has besides becoming the identity proof has become the proof of one’s existence in India.
The J&K is the only state which is lagging behind as far as Aadhaar enrolment is concerned. It’s high time that people of the state get this vital document before the last deadline ends.