Winter in Kashmir

Temperatures falling down below freezing point in the Valley is an indication that coming days are not going to be easy especially winter months. This is not for the first time that Kashmir is bracing for the chilly winter season. This season arrives every year to test the resolve of the people and to know how fit they are.
Besides chilly temperature, people have to brave cold and dark nights. Darkness and winters are synonymous to each other as the power has always remained as most sought out commodity in the winter months.
These days it’s not the winter chill only which people have to brave. During the past few years Swine flu virus in Kashmir has become life threatening. Till date eight people have died due to Swine Flu and more than 15 persons are undergoing treatment at SK Institute of Medical Sciences in Soura. There is a rapid demand of Swine Flu vaccines in the market as everyone wants to get a flu shot administered. Unfortunately these expensive vaccines are not easily available in the open market. It’s really sad that government has not kept these vaccines available for the poor people in the hospital. They have to pay through their nose to get a Flu shot administered. Doctors are claiming that the H1N1 virus has got mutated and it’s in the air. They want people to take precautions to save themselves. The people who can afford are somehow managing to get themselves injected and protected but the ones who cannot afford are left at the mercy of Swine Flu virus.
Minus temperature, no electricity and Swine Flu threat would continue to prevail and people would have to face it till winter gets over.