Money minting centers?

The private coaching centers in Kashmir are again in news for charging exorbitant tuition fee and violating other norms.
After lot of hue and cry the Jammu and Kashmir government has registered 182 coaching centers across Kashmir. These licensed coaching centers won’t face any harassment from the authorities. Despite these coaching centers being directed to submit their fee structure none of these centers has come forward and are charging the tuition fee according to their will and wish. Students who opt for tuition classes have no other option other than to pay the fee which they are asked to pay.
The allegations are galore that these centers don’t follow the prescribed 1:30 ratio and students are huddled like cattle in these classes. Students are even asked to pay for the notes which they are provided by the tuition centers.
Many people believe that the attempt of the government to regulate these coaching centers has not yielded any positive results. This sector continues to remain unorganized and still lots need to be done to streamline these centers, which are spread across length and breadth of the Valley.
The Jammu and Kashmir government by granting registration to these coaching centers has given a free hand to the owners of these centers to charge as much as they want. If the system is not put at place these centers would turn into money minting centers and the students who won’t be able to afford would be left with no other option other than to call it quits.
Coaching in higher classes for students has become mandatory as the competitive examinations are becoming difficult with each passing day.