DC reviews Srinagar: Master Plan

Srinagar, Nov 23: District Development Commissioner Srinagar, Dr. Syed Abid Rashid Shah, Thursday convened a meeting to review the Srinagar Master Plan 2015-35.
VC Srinagar Development Authority, Abdul Majid Raina, and Town Planner Srinagar City, Nazir Ahmad Magray, attended the meeting.
While briefing the DDC about the draft Master Plan, the Town Planner informed that the land use structure as envisaged in the Master Plan is based on land suitability analysis based on five different parameters including that of contour, elevation, slope, floods and prime agricultural area & other wetlands.
The DDC was informed that the plan has been drafted with a prime consideration of a projected population of 31 lac by 2035, which has been arrived at in the light of previous population censuses and other factors relevant.
It was said that based on these parameters it has been projected that only 180 square kilometres can be developed out the total 756 square kilometres as delineated in the Master Plan of the City, which provides for housing, tourism and other requirements.
Giving further details, it was said the current draft Master Plan is highly comprehensive, with the identification of different density zones carried out purely in accordance with road hierarchy. It was said the involvement of the Geographic Information System technology ensures that there are no discrepancies.
Dr. Shah said the aim of convening this meeting was to emphasize the importance of ensuring utmost objectivity in all the processes of drafting the Master Plan. He impressed upon the officers that the Master Plan must be sustainable involving aspects that both cater to the growing needs of the City and ensure maintenance of strong ecological balance.
The Town Planner said that, while the deadline for submission for public suggestions has passed, the Department is open to further consideration of suggestions from technical professionals in this regard.