Tug-off war makes people suffer


The PDP-BJP government has been on different pages on many issues. The ministers of both the parties on many occasions have agreed to disagree on many of the contentious issues.
One of the burning issues is who would head the vital departments? Both the parties want to see their handpicked officers at the top posts but at many occasions the leaders have agreed to disagree.
Several key departments continue to be headless in the state as the ministers of both the parties want their own people at the top places.
Since the day Durbar has moved to Jammu people in Kashmir have been left high and dry as their grievances have not been addressed till date due to many departments not having their heads at place. These people have been left with no other option other than to travel to Jammu to get their issues resolved.
People within the government blame ministers and leaders of PDP and BJP for the mess. As leaders of both the parties believe that top posts should be manned by the officials who can easily oblige them without asking too many questions.
Leaders of both the parties remaining adamant on their stands is making the common people suffer and it’s hampering the smooth functioning of the departments. Both the parties need to realize that vital departments cannot remain headless. It shows that people at the top are indecisive and they cannot take firm decisions.
Politicians should set their differences aside and ensure that departments which are headless are provided with competent people as heads so that governance doesn’t take a hit.