Harsh winter on cards

As the winter has set in early this year, people are grappling with number of issues to keep themselves warm and safe in the coming months.
In absence of the electricity people are resorting to old methods to ensure thatwinter doesn’t trouble them. The demand for wooden, coal and gas bukharis has picked up. The electronic gadgets which used to keep people warm during winters have turned useless in absence of the electricity and pesky power cuts.
The failure of the government to streamline the power supply in Kashmir during the chilly winter days has put a question mark on the tall claims of the government to upgrade the power distribution system in the Valley.
People are busy storing the commodities for winter months as they fear that Srinagar-Jammu highway could get blocked and it could trigger scarcity of essentials. Government always claims that there are enough stocks available but when highway gets blocked everything disappears from the market and people are left in lurch.
Winter during the past few years have been harsh in Kashmir and people face lot of problems while dealing with chilly conditions. Even in 21st century people in Kashmir depend on old methods to keep themselves warm and struggle to keep their stocks intact.
People who can afford prefer to move out of Kashmir during the winter months but the ones who cannot afford are left with no other option other than to stay in Kashmir and survive in difficult conditions. With one more winter on cards Kashmiris are getting ready to face it.