Govt ditches people on development, governance fronts: NC

Jammu, Nov 19: Former minister and National Conference Sr State Vice President Surjeet Singh Slathia on Sunday lambasted the PDP-BJP dispensation for ditching the people of the state, especially its remote and far-flung areas in terms of development and governance.
“The people are feeling let-down as development has come to standstill and administration is in complete paralytic mode”, Slathia said while addressing workers at village Sangarwal in Vijaypur Assembly Constituency Sunday afternoon.
Slathia said the people were realizing now as to who their well-wisher is and who is hoodwinking them by making false promises which are not to be kept. He said the people were waiting for opportunity to teach the ruling dispensation a lesson through their democratic right for misgovernance and developmental inertia.
The former minister said the government has completely failed in dispensing its basic duties, as a result of which power crisis have almost overtaken the entire region and drinking water becoming scarce. The lack of utility services was bound to accumulate difficulties of the people. He said the administration has failed to stock ration depots with adequate rations and essential commodities, adding the brazen level of neglect and irresponsibility was unprecedented. “Despite having increased the rates of essential commodities, the Administration has failed to ensure that ration depots are stocked with a bare minimum amount of essential commodities and rations. It seems like the Government is deliberately persecuting the people which is unfortunate”, Slathia said
The Sr State Vice President said that the PDP-BJP coalition has abdicated its responsibilities towards the people as they are only interested in clinging to their chairs which has been their primary goal ever since they came into power. Other than playing communal and opportunistic politics, the alliance partners visibility on the governance front is zero. “Both the partners are whipping up passions to hide their failures and the ultimate sufferers are the people of the state”, he added.