Amidst US shadow, nearly 200 nations pledge climate action


Bonn, Nov 19: Amidst the shadow of the US decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, nearly 200 nations pledged to launch a process next year to start reviewing existing plans to limit greenhouse gas emissions.
A set of decisions to accelerate actions to minimise emissions ahead of 2020 included allocation of finance by the developed world and adopting climate adaptation policies.
Stepping up climate risk insurance, Germany pledged additional $125 million to support provision of insurance to 400 more million poor and vulnerable people by 2020, in addition to the climate adaptation fund Germany`s further contribution of 50 million euros.
Climate experts said that the design for the `Talanoa Dialogue`, a process to take stock and test options for enhanced ambition during 2018, was one of the major outcome at the two-week negotiations that saw assembly of 197 country delegates.
Talanoa is the Pacific tradition of decision-making based on respect and understanding to a negotiating process that has often lacked both.
The countries endorsed the `Talanoa dialogue`, which will help countries and non-state actors push new boundaries for enhancing climate action, said an expert.
“Countries also came together on urgent action, pre-2020 ambition. As impacts have intensified and low carbon opportunities have grown, the demand for climate action has deepened. Creating space for this important discussion has been a crucial trust building process and bodes well for securing robust Paris rules by COP24 next year,” the expert added.