Unfair decision 

Unfair decision 
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Jammu and Kashmir government turning down the recommendation of the State Human Rights Commission to provide compensation to Farooq Ahmed Dar, who was tied to the bonnet of an Army jeep and then used as a human shield has drawn flak.
The Amnesty International has slammed the J&K government for turning down the recommendation of the State Human Rights Commission to give Farooq Dar Rs 1,000,000 as compensation for “humiliation, physical [and] psychological torture, stress, wrongful restraint and confinement”.

The Home Department did not accept the recommendation because “there were no accusation of human rights violations leveled against the state government” and that there was “no scheme or policy” under which the compensation could be paid, among other reasons,” the Home department said.
It’s strange that despite a man being tied to a jeep and then paraded the government said that human rights were not violated and he doesn’t deserve any compensation. The incident had evoke massive outrage across the country and everyone except the hardliners had sympathized with Farooq Dar.
“The Jammu and Kashmir government claims that it was not responsible for violating Farooq Dar’s rights, but refusing to pay him compensation for torture is also a human rights violation,” the AI said in a statement.
One needs to ask the J&K government what according to it is human rights violation. Is killing an innocent the only form of human rights violation? Had government provided compensation to Farooq Dar it could have at least served as consolation for a poor Dar, who underwent pain and agony after being labeled as a stone pelter. By refusing compensation to Dar J&K government in a way has endorsed the action of the forces to tie Dar to a bonnet of a jeep and then parade him.