Dr Farooq’s statement doesn’t carry weight: BJP

New Delhi, Nov 16: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday said that former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Dr Farooq Abdullah is doing free advocacy for Pakistan.
“Earlier also I have said that Pak was, is and will remain an integral part of India. Though it is presently occupied by Pakistan, it is still a part of India. Farooq Abdullah is a Member of Parliament from Srinagar and he should resign from the post for delivering such statements. Farooq Abdullah is doing free advocacy of Pakistan,” BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain told media in New Delhi.
Echoing similar sentiments, another BJP leader S Prakash said that National Conference (NC) president Abdullah is losing his credibility by making such statements.
“Earlier, he (Farooq Abdullah) enjoyed power in the Centre and Jammu and Kashmir. Now, he is speaking in a different tone. Such opportunistic, dual policy of Farooq Abdullah is in front of public. He is losing his credibility. His statement does not carry weight anymore,” he said.
Abdullah yesterday reiterated that Pakistan administered Kashmir or PaK does not belong to India.
“PaK does not belong to India. It’s been 70 years and they (New Delhi) couldn’t get it. And today they are saying that it is a part of India,” he said in Uri.
Launching a veiled attack on the Centre, the former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister said, “How long will the innocent shed their blood and they will say that PaK is a part of India?”
Abdullah had earlier on Saturday said that PaK belongs to Pakistan and the fact would not change no matter how many wars are fought over the issue.
India, however, maintains that Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK) belongs to India as it was invaded by Pakistan in 1947.
Abdullah’s remark drew huge flak and a Bihar court even ordered the filing of an FIR against him on charges of treason.
Abdullah, however, remained unperturbed and said, “I welcome the FIR. Now, they will know who the real man is.”