Can US intervention help?

Can US intervention help?
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The reports about United States trying to push India and Pakistan into a dialogue have taken many people by a surprise. The close ties which India enjoys with United States are known to everyone and since the day Donald Trump has taken over as the US President he has made it clear that he supports India and its Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The United States has always maintained silence over Kashmir and has described it as a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan. When Prime Minister Modi visited United States earlier this year the United States government declared the chairman of United Jihad Council (UJC) and Hizbul-Mujahideen superme commander Syed Salahuddin as a “global terrorist.” Many people believe that United States did so just to appease the visiting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Otherwise India for past many years had been demanding action against Salahuddin.
Reports about US diplomat visiting Kashmir and exploring the possibilities of holding talks just three weeks before the appointment of the new Center’s interlocutor for Kashmir, Dineshwar Sharma, could be a co-incidence but the notion is being created that Sharma was appointed interlocutor after United States advised India to open the negotiation channels. The US believes that if it wants to safeguard its interests in Afghanistan then both India and Pakistan would have to cooperate but road to Afghanistan passes through Kashmir. If India and Pakistan don’t mend their relations then it would be difficult for the United States to go ahead with its plans to keep an eye on south Asia. As a super power the United States wants to maintain its dominance and presence in south Asia but for that it needs India and Pakistan to mend their fences. Time only would tell whether United States can help India and Pakistan give up animosity and live in peace with each other.