Talks with riders

Talks with riders
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The Interlocutor Dineshwar Sharma, who recently winded up his Jammu and Kashmir visit, exuded hope that during his next visit to the state he would meet the Hurriyat leaders.
To a question whether Hurriyat leaders are stakeholders Sharma replied smartly saying that “All Indians in J&K are stakeholders,” and he would try to rope in everyone for the talks.
Sharma has made a beginning by holding talks mainly with the leaders of mainstream parties and a few members of the civil society but the people who represent dissent and are not interested in the mainstream politics are the ones who need to be spoken to. Many people are of the opinion that if the people in Kashmir are made to believe that Pakistan would be involved in the talks process at the later stage there is a possibility about separatists coming forward. At this point of time holding talks with separatists and Pakistan don’t look an option.
The interlocutor seems to be clear in his task that he wants to restore peace in Kashmir and is looking for some kind of a solution. On the other hand separatists are saying that it’s no point holding talks for the sake of talks. The future of talks process doesn’t seem so bright as the Interlocutor Sharma has got his own limitations and he won’t be able to cross the line. On the other hand Hurriyat leaders are aware about the fact that they cannot be a part of any such process which has got limitations and cannot extend beyond a certain point. Time only would tell where this process would lead to.